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Photos of Holy week in Seville, Spain

Semana Santa Sevilla - NazarenoSemana Santa Sevilla - Cristo de la HiniestaSemana Santa Sevilla - Cristo de la HiniestaSemana Santa Sevilla - NazarenoSemana Santa Sevilla - Nazarena

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Holy Week in Seville, Spain

Holy week  in Seville - Semana Santa Karwoche in Sevilla - Auf Deutsch La Settimana Santa a Siviglia - in Italiano Semaine Sainte en Séville, Andalousie - en Français Semana Santa, Goede Week - in het Nederlands La Semana Santa en Sevilla - en español


Semana Santa (holy week - easter) has been one of the most important celebrations in Seville for centuries. It may have it's origin as far back as the 14th century!


During holy week the Cofradías (Brotherhoods or Fraternities) process in penitence through the, many narrow, streets of the city, from their church to the Cathedral for a sacred ritual and back, taking the shortest possible route, as decreed in the rule of the ordinances in the 17th century. In these processions they carry floats with the representations of Christ and Mary.


Accommodation for Holy Week

You should book your hotel or apartment for holy week in Seville with more than three months in advance to make sure you find lodging to your liking.

Also, it's worth to plan a stay during the beginning of the week, since from thursday on it is holiday in Spain and the city gets (over)crowded. The chances to find flights, good lodging and enjoy better views over the processions and the city itself are considerably higher from sunday to wednesday.


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Holy week: day by day

Starting on Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday), and ending on Domingo de Resurrección (Easter Sunday), there are almost 60 brotherhoods that pay the religious visit to the Cathedral of Seville.


Routes of the floats:

Cruz de guía (guiding cross) of the Macarena fraternity.

Domingo de ramos
Lunes Santo
Martes Santo
Miércoles Santo
Jueves Santo
Viernes Santo
Sábado Santo
Domingo de Resurrección


Many sevillians wait unpatiently for this yearly event, as they do for the April fair


Video "La Lanzada", Semana Santa 31/03/2010 - 19:20



Video Costaleros "uncovered" - "pre"Semana Santa 2011


Pictures of Costaleros "uncovered"


Processions and floats


Most brotherhoods carry two floats:

La Lanzá.a float with a Christ, representing the distinct stages of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

and a float with a Dolorosa (Mary the Virgin in pain) under a canopy.

Some brotherhoods even carry three floats, like the so-called: El Amor, La Cena, San Benito, or la Trinidad, others have just one like Santa Marta, La Quinta Angustia, la Soledad de San Buenaventura, or la Soledad de San Lorenzo.

Resuming, in the eight days of Semana Santa, a total of almost 60 brotherhoods, carry their 116 floats from their church to the Cathedral and back, in the company of around 60,000 brothers participating in their different appearances:

  • Nazarenos (Nazarenes)
  • Penitents
  • Costaleros (float carriers)
  • Acolytes

The crowd watching the Virgen of the Baratillo fraternity.The number of spectators may rise up to the impressing number of one million people during the most important moments of Semana Santa for the sevillians.

The early morning of Good Friday which is when the brotherhoods of el Silencio, el Gran Poder, La Macarena, El Calvario, La Esperanza de Triana and los Gitanos set off for their processional penitence to the Cathedral of Seville.



Dates of future Holy Weeks - Semana Santa
2012 1-8 April
2013 24-31 March
2014 13-20 April
2015 29 March - 5 April
2016 20-27 March
2017 9-16 April
2018 25 March - 1 April
2019 14-21 April
2020 5-12 April


Nazarenes and Penitents
Penitents of the Santa Cruz brotherhood.

Nazarenes of los Javieres brotherhood.

Nazarenes of the Javieres fraternity.









Floats with a Christ
Christ of PazThe Christ of the Santa Cruz fraternity by night in Castelar street.









The Christ of Santa Cruz, on the corner of Mateos Gago street.

The Christ of the Hiniesta fraternity, seen against the light, on the Alameda de Hércules.



Floats with a VirginThe virgen of San Bernardo, just out of her temple.Close up of the Virgen of San Bernardo.

The virgen of los Javieres fraternity.Close up of the Virgen of Santa Cruz.


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Semana Santa (Holy Week), Sevilla
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