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Torre del Oro (the gold tower) - Seville, Spain

Torre del Oro (tour de l'or), Séville (EN)

The Gold Tower, Seville - Andalusia, Spain. Goldturm/Torre del oro, Sevilla - Andalusien, Spanien. La torre dell'Oro, Siviglia - Andalusia, Spagna Torre del oro (tour de l'or), Séville - Andalousie, Espagne Torre del Oro (de toren van het goud of gouden toren) - Sevilla, Spanje Torre del Oro -  Sevilla capital

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The Gold Tower of Sevillle was one of the last contributions from the Almohade period in Seville. It formed part of the last wall of defence that ran from the Alcázar Palace to the river.

The Gold Tower and the Guadalquivir River.

Torre del oro (Tour de l'or) - Seville, Espagne

It´s believed that the tower was given its name because of the sun´s reflection off the gold tiles that once covered the dome. There is also a story that associates the Gold Tower with the hair colour of a beautiful damsel who King Don Pedro locked up in the tower while her husband was away at war.



Origins of the gold tower

Built in the first third of the 13th Century, this tower has twelve sides. Large chains used to be connected from the masonry base of the tower to other side of the river and acted as a protective entranceway to the port. The highest part of the tower was added by Sebastian Vander Borcht in 1760.



Tour de l'or, SévilleThe Gold tower nowadays.




The Gold tower nowadays

Today it is a naval museum which engravings, letters, models, antique navigation instruments and historical documents. In this museum we also find information on the prestigious naval history of Seville, the importance of the Guadalquivir River and the paths of numerous famous navigators.


Naval Museum inside the Gold Tower.

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