De provincie Malaga - Andalusië, Spanje.

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Costa del SOL, de stranden van Malaga - Andalusië, Spanje.

De provincie Malaga - Andalusië, Spanje

Malaga - Andalusia, Spain Malaga - Andalusien, Spanien. Malaga - Andalusia, Spagna. Malaga - Andalusia, Spagna. Malaga - AndalusiŽ, Spanje. La provincia de Malaga - AndalucŪa, EspaŮa


Malaga is natuurlijk voornamelijk bekend om haar kust, de beroemde Costa del SOL met zulke bekende badplaatsen als Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Marbella of Estepona.



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Malaga city

Málaga is a bright and cheerful city of many gardens surrounded by charming, Arab influenced, Andalucian architecture. Malaga city offers the visitor the opportunity to experience its one thousand years history, forged between the mountains and the sea.


Plaza de toros Malaga - Andalusia, Spain

Plaza de toros Malaga - Andalusia, Spain



In a few minutes walk, one can visit the Roman Theatre , be amazed by the Arab Alcazaba fortress, admire the majesty of the renaissance Cathedral and then soak up the lively atmosphere of the adjacent streets.

Malaga is the birthplace of the famous painter, Picasso. Make sure you visit the Picasso Museum.



Serranía de Ronda nature park

The town of Ronda, at about an hour from Malaga city and less than 30 minutes from Marbella, is one of the most historical and romantic towns in Andalusia. Around it your find the beautiful Serranía de Ronda natural area.


Uitzicht vanaf het balkon van Ronda, Malaga - Andalusië, Spanje.

Uitzicht vanaf het balkon van RondaMalaga Andalusië



The Serrania (mountain range) of Ronda is part of the traditional White Towns route which includes place like Atajate, Benadalid, Algatocin, Gaucin and many more.


De omgeving van Ronda: la Serranía de Ronda

Serranía de Ronda - Andalusia, Spain



Alora, Ardales, el Chorro and Guadalhorce

The River Guadalhorce flows through a fertile valley, of mainly citrus fruits, before reaching the sea at Malaga. This is a valley with traditional villages such as Alkhaurin de la Torre, Alhaurin el Grande, Cartema, Pizarra, Alora and Coin.

The Ardales park is "a must see" with its Conde de Guadalhorce lake, the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes (narrow pass) and the Garganta (throat) del Chorro, - some two miles long and over 700 feet deep, the place where three rivers meet - Turon, Guadalete, and Guadalhorce. It's an ideal place for rock climbing.


El Chorro - desfiladero de los Gaitanes e 'il caminito del Rey'

El Chorro natuurgebied - Andalusië, Spanje



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Costa del SOL


Costa del SOL | Stranden van Malaga - Andalusië, Spanje.

Stranden van de Costa del SOL, Malaga - Andalusie


Here one finds Europe's greatest concentration of Leisure parks, Water parks, Casinos, Golf courses and water-sports ports like Banus.


Natuurgebieden in de provincie Malaga


Los montes de Malaga- Andalusia, Spain

Los montes de Malaga- Andalusië, Spanje



El Torcal de Antequera

Due to its unusual limestone rock formations, Torcal de Antequera Natural Park (Parque Natural Torcal de Antequera) boasts an impressive landscape that is considered to be unique in the world. Its 1,171 hectares have often been used in science fiction films. It is easy to get lost while walking in its labyrinth of rocks, depressions and valleys, passages, landings and narrow passes.


Torcal de Antequera natural park

Torcal de Antequera natuurgebied - Andalusië, Spanje




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Semana Santa (Goede Week - Pasen), Sevilla.

Semana Santa


Feria de Abril (April Fair), Sevilla

Feria de Sevilla


Natuurpark Acantilado y pinar de Barbate, Costa de la Luz - Cadiz

Pinar de Barbate


Sierra de Grazalema natuurgebied, provincie Cadiz

Sierra Grazalema


El Chorro en el Caminito del Rey, Malaga - AndalusiŽ, Spanje.

El Chorro


Natuurpark Torcal de Antequera, Malaga - AndalusiŽ

Torcal Antequera


Costa de la Luz, de stranden van Cadiz - AndalusiŽ, Spanje.

Costa de la Luz


Costa del SOL | Stranden van Malaga - AndalusiŽ, Spanje.

Costa del Sol


Costa Tropical | Stranden van Granada - AndalusiŽ, Spanje.

Costa Tropical





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